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"Someone struggled for your right to vote.  Use it."
~ Susan B. Anthony, women's rights activist and Republican

Election Day

Flathead County Republican Women,
proudly supported our Republican candidates for the 2022 General Election 

question are you registered to vote_, with a vote badge for the United States election on

Registering to vote is easy!  Click here for the Montana Voter Registration Application. Still have questions?  

Montana's brilliant (Republican) Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen, breaks it all down for you here.

Election Day

Polling places are determined by where you live -- specifically, what precinct you live in.  (Very few people know their precinct number: you can find it on your VOTER CONFIRMATION CARD.)  Click here to download a list of polling places in Flathead County.

Vote Registration Application Election Concept.jpg

Check your status

Not sure of your status?  Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen has created My Voter Page with a search feature that allows you to check or see...

  • If you are registered to vote

  • Your voter registration address

  • Location and directions to your county election office

  • If you are on the list to have ballots mailed to you

  • The status of your mailed ballot

  • A sample ballot

Vote buttons on flag

Haven't voted in a while and worried your registration is inactive?  Reactivating your inactive voter registration is easy. Click here for the how and why.

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