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Prayers for Israel

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

The news out of Israel is beyond horrific. Over the past few days, we have witnessed atrocities that, as human beings, seem unimaginable. Every day the news gets worse. The loss of life, including the loss of Americans, at the hands of barbarians is inexcusable and unforgivable.

Sadly, Congress is in such disarray that it took them 4 days to even introduce a resolution in support of Israel. While nobody could predict this would happen, it is the worst possible time for the United States to look weak and divided.

The crisis in Israel is not unlike what we experienced on 9/11. Now, with a weak president, an open border and a government in turmoil, the threat to the United States from terrorists is real. More than 150 individuals on the terrorist Watch List have crossed our open southern border since Biden became president, many of whom are now walking free on our streets. As a club member reminded me, “We’ve allowed more than 9 million unvetted illegals across our border, basically the population of Israel and 9 times the population of Montana! It only took 19 to carry out 9/11!”

Eight liberal/progressive members of our own Congress who call themselves Democrat Socialists have come out in support of Hamas. They are antisemitic and anti-Israel, and should be removed from office.

Having worked in the Middle East, I have seen firsthand the divide, and in some respects the hatred, many hold for the lone democracy in that region – Israel. Despite these feelings, I never dreamed that Israel’s enemies could so viciously and without conscience torture women, behead infants, and murder civilians. I use the word barbarians, but I’m not sure that word comes close to describing them.

As Americans, we must stand with the State of Israel. They are our greatest ally in the Middle East, and they need our support. I ask that all FCRW members lift up Israel in prayer, that they will defeat their enemies and once again find peace. We also must remember that, although we may not feel the bombs and witness firsthand the atrocities, this war goes beyond the borders of the Middle East, and the same enemies who attacked Israel, and attacked us on 9/11, still walk among us. Never forget!


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